Students Science Village (SSV)

We will only consider students recommended by Honourable MP's."

The last date for accepting the registration form will be 15 October 2019
Venue: Science City

Student Science Village is a part of the India International ScienceFestival 2019 which is set to unfold at the 5th India International ScienceFestival 2019 at Kolkata, West Bengal. The prime goal of Student ScienceVillage is to provide science exposure to the students from rural India and make them aware of India’s achievements in frontier areas of Science & Technology.

Science Village 2019 is set to repeat the success and make a much greater attempt to reach out to the rural masses and propagate Science to the extent of seeking Scientific solutions to the diverse challenges facing our society, particularly the rural part of India. Students will undergo unique activities that shall cultivate scientific temper and encourage interest towards Science.

The Science Village program is linked to the PradhanMantriSaansadAdarsh Gram Yojana” through which each  Member of Parliament will nominate five students and one teacher delegate from their adopted village. The Science Village demonstrated a mass representation from the rural part of India. The nominated students will be from class 9th to 11th accompanied by at least one teacher. The expected number of delegates is around 3,000. It will be Life time opportunity for them to be a part of such a mega event under a Single roof. Each Participant and teacher will get an opportunity:

  • To visit Mega Science Expo: An exhibitions showcasing India’s Achievements in Science and Technology by various Ministries, Departments and Institutions of the Government of India.
  • To have Interactions with Eminent Scientists from India and Abroad.
  • To visit Historical places of Kolkata through “Know the City” and exploring the Science City.
  • To be a part of Live Hands on Science Activities conducted by Science Communicators.
  • To watch Scientific Films and participate in the Workshop  on Scientific Instruments.
  • To see celestial Objects through the telescope in the night Sky Watch Programme.
  • To enjoy cultural Heritage with Cultural Programme.



Date: 5-8 November, 2019

Work Model of Student Science Village.
  • Science Village will have eight different houses with each house named after famous IndianScientists.
  • Each student and the accompanying teacher from the adopted village will become a member of one of the houses.Throughout the festival, each student and teacher will be identified and known through that house.
  • Each student and teacher of a particular house will be provided with a cap and badge with a single and prominent colour which will be unique for each house.
  • All the students from the respective houses shall perform all activities together and would be taken care of by their respective teachers and set of volunteers at alltime.
  • The teachers are required to take instructions from the House Coordinators and the Volunteers at all time right from the irarrival to departure from IISF 2019 ScienceVillage.

The Students will also go through interactive Scientific Discussions , innovative experiments , Quiz Competitions which will boost their scientific Skills and knowledge and pave way for their excellence in science. It is expected that through IISF. The Students will get the right global experience to develop Scientific Spirit at a very young age. It Will nurture Student Delegates and groom them to become tomorrow’s Scientists and technocrats of India!


Sitendu Mandal
Pradip Tarafdar
Dr.Pradip Tarafdar
Vijnana Bharati
Vijnana Bharati
Vijnana Bharati
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Nishant Kalita
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Somil Sharma
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Dr. B B Jha