Overseas Ministers & Diplomats Conclave

Venue: Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, Hall No. 2

Global challenges can be addressed and solved collectively through the application of science and technology. By leveraging collaborations with India’s key partner countries, this Conclave will provide us an opportunity to exchange the scientific technologies and provide new dimensions with partner countries specially for addressing unmet societal needs through application of STI.

COORDINATING AGENCIES: DST, Bose Institute & Vijnana Bharati

Email: OMDC@scienceindiafest.org

Date: 5 November, 2019


SK Varshney
011 26961912

Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay
Bose Institute
90513 74195

Kaushik Biswas
Bose Institute

Ajit Bikram Datta
Bose Institute

Roopesh Chaturvedi
Vijnana Bharati
99710 18697