International Science Literature Festival – “Vigyanika”

Venue: Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, Hall No. 5
Science Literature Festival 2019

As a part of IISF 2019,VIGYANIKA — International Science Literature Festival is being organised during 05-07 November 2019 which aims at showcasing India’s efforts in science promotion through science communication for transforming India. The Festival intends to highlight the associated challenges of each genre of science literature besides offering an opportunity for networking and exchange of ideas to design a road map for the future. The Festival will provide a platform to increase awareness of the value of science, technology and innovation to society and also inspire the next generation of researchers. The Festival also aims to involve and include a wide section of the society to improve their scientific understanding, temperament and appreciation for various developments in science and technology and also reverence for Indian S&T achievements.



Date: 5-7 November, 2019



  1. Vigyan Manthan-I           :           Panel Discussion —Science of Happiness
  2. Vigyan Manthan-II          :           Panel Discussion — Contemporary Science                                                                            Literature: A Perspective
  3. Vigyan Manthan-III         :          Scientific Paper Presentation —Science                                                                                  Communication in Indian Languages
  4. Vigyan Manchan-I           :           Vigyan KaviSammelan— Vigyanika
  5. Vigyan Manchan-II          :           Science Drama
  6. Vigyan Spandan-I            :           Paper Presentation: Science Communication—                                                                   Innovative Approaches
  7. Vigyan Manthan-IV          :           Workshop: Communicating Science in the                                                                             Media
  8. Vigyan Manchan-III         :           Workshop —Science Communication through                                                                    Innovative Media
  9. Vigyan Spandan-I            :          Science Debate Competition: Is Social Media                                                                        Changing the Science Communication                                                                                    Landscape?
  10. Vigyan Manthan-V           :           Round Table Meet and Summing Up



Vigyan Prakashan (International Science Book Fair)will have the following activities:

  1. Science Book Fair (open on all the days)
  2. Science Story Telling
  3. Science Poem Recitation
  4. Book Releases and Meet the Author
  5. Scientoon Competition for Children

Call for Abstracts

Persons interested in participating in Vigyanika – Vigyan Spandan I are invited to submit a brief CV and a one-page abstract (not more than 200 words) of their papers on the theme mentioned above along with the copy of the registration form. Each abstract (MS Word, 12 points double leading) should be sent by separate e-mail to and selected abstracts, participants will be informed through e-mail about submitting a full paper which would be within 2500 words.

Important Dates:

  • Due date for abstract submission                 25 September 2019
  • Notification of acceptance of abstract        30 September 2019
  • Due date of submission of full paper           05 October 2019
English & Hindi would be the languages used in printed materials, presentations and discussions in the ISLF 2019.
Accommodation And Transportation
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Shri kapil Tripathy Science Literature Meet VP
Kapil Tripathi
Vigyan Prasar
Shri Jawaid H Khan, Science Literature Meet Niscair (1)
HJ Khan
Dr. Pallab Banerjee Science Literature Meet Vibha
Pallab Banerjee
Vijnana Bharati
Ratnesh Pandey Science Literature Meet Vibha
Ratnesh Pandey
Vijnana Bharati
Gaurab Gangopadhyay
Gaurab Gangopadhyay
Bose Institute
Monika Jaggi
Dr Monika Jaggi
Maanbardhan Kanth Vigyan Parasar
Maan Bardhan Kanth
Vigyan Prasar
Bipro Kumar Sen
Bipro Kumar Sen
IISF Consultant