Agricultural Scientists’ Meet

Venue: Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, Hall No. 7

The Agricultural Scientists’ Meet will deliberate upon salient thematic areas including Grassroots innovation in agriculture, stakeholders’ perspective, Integrated Farming System models, Value chains and business models, an alternative farming system for sustainable agriculture as well as smart agriculture policy for scaling up innovations. Honorable PM’s vision of “Doubling the Farmers Income” and “Per Drop More Crop” are the key ideas of this meet.

COORDINATING AGENCIES: Bose Institutes, Vijana Bharati, ICAR-NINFET (Kolkata) ICAR-ATARI (Kolkata), ICAR-DKMA (New Delhi)


Date: 6 November, 2019


Dr Debabrata Basu
Dr. Debabrata Basu
Bose Institute
Dr. JP Sharma
Vijnana Bharati
Arun Pandey
Dr.Arun Pandey
Vijnana Bharati
Laxmikant Nayar
Dr L. K Nayak
Dr. S.S. Singh
Dr. S S Singh
ATARI Kolkata
Avijit Haldar
Dr. Avijit Haldar
ATARI Kolkata
Dr S K Singh
Dr. S.K Singh